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‘Hoekx en Derissen’ becomes ‘Link Intelligence’

Repackaged to perfection

In almost every factory, opportunities are there for the taking. Whether you seize those opportunities depends on how you look at them and what you do with them. Over a twelve-year period, the demand for our expertise and approach has grown tremendously. Along the way, you meet individuals with a similar view of people, processes and life, and new collaborations arise.

This is how ‘Link Intelligence’ came about: seasoned experts who can achieve even more for a factory together than alone. With the creation of Link Intelligence, the name Hoekx and Derissen will gradually disappear. Fons Hoekx and Bas Derissen remain in the company, of course, along with associates Rudi Spierings and Paul van den Akker. The focus remains the same: jointly finding, realising and guaranteeing the highest possible performance in a factory, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Fons Hoekx
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Nourishing a better planet – sustainable expansion | Aalter

In Aalter, we are working on one of FrieslandCampina’s largest and most ambitious projects. The ‘third PET line’ represents a substantial expansion of production volume. This line will meet the highest current standards and can be used for a wide range of products and brands, such as Campina, Cécémel, Chocomel, Fristi, Joyvalle, Yazoo and Debic. The project is part of the ‘Nourishing a better planet’ sustainability programme: by 2025, all of FrieslandCampina’s packaging must be fully recyclable or reusable. This includes a switch from HDPE bottles to newly designed PET bottles, which are fully recyclable.

To produce a comprehensive User Requirement Specification, we brought together and managed all the disciplines involved from the very first stage (orientation and design) and we also guided individuals with the preparatory work. Now that implementation is in full flow, we manage the disciplines of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), Process Licensing and CSU (Commissioning Start Up). This creates a solution that matches in detail the market demand of today and the near future.

Friesland Campina Aalter

New lactose transport in accordance with the highest standards | Veghel

FrieslandCampina Veghel is one of the largest lactose plants in the world. In order to guarantee maximum output 24/7 and to continue to meet the highest (quality) standards, a decision was made to replace the lactose transport system. All the lactose powder produced is transported from the production building to the packaging plant via a 140-metre-long and virtually maintenance-free pipe system. From there, the powder is packaged into various packaging units. Because lactose is quite sticky, when it is transported in long process pipelines, there is always a real risk that they will become clogged. Thanks to high-tech engineering and extensive testing, we were able to design a transport system that ensures that the pipelines do not become clogged. During the project, production could not be suspended for long, if at all. A ‘brownfield’ approach and delivery in a factory where every square metre was already being utilised. Nevertheless, the project was successful: both the process and the commissioning went smoothly.

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